Fito Páez returned to Vélez and premiered the trailer for his Netflix series: “Love after love”

Fito Páez returned to Vélez and premiered the trailer for his Netflix series: “Love after love”

In a night that will remain in your memory, fito paez gave another huge chapter in the Celebrations for the 30th anniversary of his iconic album: “Love after love”. The musician from Rosario gave a show at the Vélez stadium which was broadcast by the streaming platform Star+ and released the trailer for his Netflix series which shares the name of the classic album.

The trailer for “Love after love”The expected biographical series that will cover three decades of Fito’s personal and professional history and that can be seen through the platform from the April 26was featured in the preview of the show. The last images of the strip were spread simultaneously on YouTube and as a prelude to the recital that the singer-songwriter offered within the framework of the anniversary tour for the best-selling album of Argentine music, that last year had more than 20 performances in different Argentine cities, from United States, Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay and Chile.

Love after love Official trailer fito paez


Furthermore, heThe projection of the trailer of the strip produced by Páez himself together with Juan Pablo Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade, from Mandarina Television, was accompanied in the “Fortín” by Iván Hochman, Micaela Riera, Julián Kartún and Daryna Butryk, some of the members of the main cast of the production.

“Love after love” will review the beginnings and growth of the protagonist (incarnated by Hochman, in his adult version) in the world of music as his most intimate experiences, with which losses, successes, excesses and loves that were part of the path that led him to consolidate himself as one of the figures of national and Latin American rock greatest of his generation.

That’s why, throughout its eight episodes (directed by Felipe Gómez Aparicio and Gonzalo Tobal) will appear inevitably different family figures from Rosario and music Argentina that were part of his career, such as charly garciaplayed by Andy Chango; Luis Alberto Spinettaby Kartún; Juan Carlos Baglietto, which will be brought to the screen by his son Joaquín; and with the actor Manuel Fanego in the role of the composer’s manager. Riera and Butryk as Fabiana Cantilo and Cecilia Roth and Gaspar Offenhenden as Fito in his childhood are also part of a list of actors and actresses that is completed with the participation of Martín “Campi” Campilongo, Eugenia Guerty and Mirella Pascual as Rodolfo, Charito and Belia (the father, aunt and grandmother of Rosario, respectively).

The launch of the series will take place shortly after the last shows in Argentina of the aforementioned tour, entitled “Love 30 years after love”, with which Páez celebrates a new anniversary of that emblematic album, originally and coincidentally presented at the same José Amalfitani stadium in 1993. Now, almost 30 years after the arrival of that memorable repertoire at the Vélez stadium, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers, the musician, filmmaker and writer from Rosario He will return twice to play in that venue, after it exhausted all the locations for tonight’s date and should add a second, which will take place this Sunday in the same place. The show given this Saturday was broadcast by the Star+ streaming platform.

ThenPáez will replicate the show at the Malvinas Argentinas Sports Center in Mar del Plata (April 7 and 8), the Multiespacio Cultural Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza, April 15), the Araújo Vianna Auditorium in Porto Alegre, in Brazil (May 6) and the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, Colombia ( May 20th). Meanwhile, it is known that Fito is working on recording a new version of the classic album that began in Los Angelesaccompanied by Gustavo Borner and Diego Olivero, to produce new material that is scheduled to be released in the first half of this year.

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