“Tatort”: Corinna Harfouch no longer wants to run while filming

“Tatort”: Corinna Harfouch no longer wants to run while filming

As a TV inspector, it can sometimes happen that you have to follow a suspect on foot. Corinna Harfpuch prefers to leave this job to her colleague Mark Waschke.

Actress Corinna Harfouch (68) does not like film scenes in which she is supposed to run. “I can’t really run anymore, that’s just not possible, my hips hurt too much,” said Harfouch, who took on the role of the new commissioner Susanne Bonard in “Tatort” from Berlin, the German Press Agency.

It would be better for my colleague to do that. “And I said: Please don’t write any scenes in the script where I have to run after something. Mark is there for that, he can do that.” Mark Waschke (51) plays Bonard’s colleague Robert Karow.

In the new case at the Berlin “Tatort”, which the first shows in the double episode “Nothing but the Truth” on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (8:15 p.m.), there are two scenes in which Harfouch still runs. For her role, she hopes that her character “then also has the humor” to say: “Please, Mr. Colleague, do that now,” said Harfouch.

Source: Stern

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