Brendan Fraser will be the villain in the film “Batgirl”

The actor will join the protagonist Leslie Grace and will become one of the iconic Batman antagonists, Fraser will take on the role of Firefly.

Like many other characters from the world of comics, this character has had diverse identities. However, the best known of all is that of Garfield Lynne. In the beginning he was presented as a criminal who uses light devices to commit robberies. Some time later, he was re-imagined as an arsonist sociopath.

In addition to Fraser’s presence, new faces were recently added to the cast of “Batgirl”. Days ago the incorporation of Jacob Scipio, who was added in a role that was not disclosed as of yet. In the month of July, the site The Hollywood Reporter had disclosed that J.K. Simmons was back in talks to bring Commissioner James Gordon back to life, who made an appearance at “The Justice League”.

The movie of Batgirl will reach the screens of HBO Max in 2022.

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