Six million dollars in debt: Nicolas Cage looks back on “dark times”.

Six million dollars in debt: Nicolas Cage looks back on “dark times”.

Nicolas Cage was so busy for a sad reason – the star was plagued by $6 million in debt, he revealed.

Actor Nicolas Cage (59) was and still is a busy man – he has made half a dozen films and more a year. This sometimes had a less pleasant reason, . In the meantime, he was plagued by debts of six million US dollars.

The actor even made fun of the fact that Cage sometimes spent his money on unusual things like dinosaur bones in the comedy “Massive Talent”. However, his high debt was caused by something else: “I invested too much in real estate. The housing market collapsed and I didn’t make it out soon enough.” In the meantime, however, he has repaid the six million dollars in full and on his own – “I have never filed for personal bankruptcy”.

It was “dark times”, the star continued. His work as an actor helped him out, also in an emotional way: “My work was always like a guardian angel for me.” Although some of his parts were certainly not the highest art, as Cage himself points out. “But it was still work.”

Always on the ball

He always put his heart and soul into the films, as he claims – even into the supposed B movies that were released directly on DVD and for which he was sometimes ridiculed: “Even if the film turned out to be lousy in the end, […] I always cared about her.”

Recently, Cage celebrated a critically acclaimed comeback with various films. Drama “Pig” and meta-comedy “Massive Talent” once again showcased the range that once earned him a leading actor Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas.” As early as next month, on May 25th, the next comedy will start with him: In “Renfield” he plays the most famous vampire prince of all time, Dracula.

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