Disconnection from routine and good gastronomy: 3 getaways to towns near Buenos Aires

Disconnection from routine and good gastronomy: 3 getaways to towns near Buenos Aires

The weekend is coming and it is the ideal time to think about travel options that are not long, but interesting at the same time. Here we offer you unmissable options.

He weekend It is always a good time to think about a mini vacation, and what better way to look at the many towns near our capital city, which have a lot to explore and offer in terms of gastronomy, history and tourism. Here we offer you 3 splendid options for a escape.


Getaways: 3 destinations less than 200km from Buenos Aires

Carmen de Areco

TO 147 kilometers from the city, Carmen de Areco It is an old town Argentine Pampas -founded in 1812– that preserves its traditions and customs. Surrounded by beautiful green spacesoffers the charm of its old houses full of historythe cordiality of its people and its activities throughout the year.

There is hotels, campsites and ranches to stay. And, to pass the time, you can visit the fairshe Historic museumhave a field day and enjoy the local gastronomy.

carmen de areco

San Miguel del Monte

One of the quintessential gaucho sites. San Miguel del Monte is located at 110 kilometers from CABA. The first forts built by the viceroy vertiz to contain the maladies. To take into account, the activities that can be carried out range from enjoying the Mount Lagoon, sightseeing by the waterfront or carry out walks or water sports.



Navarro is a city that is 125 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires. Its main attraction, in addition to its history, is the lagoonwhich has facilities to enjoy during the day.


There’s also sport activitieswith air raids, baptism flights and pilot courses. and has golf courses, racetrack, autodrome and tracks of motocross and quadricycles. Not counting the rural tourism and the trocha stationwhich stopped working in 1978.

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