Alcohol and violence: serious allegations against Til Schweiger

Alcohol and violence: serious allegations against Til Schweiger
Til Schweiger
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The “Spiegel” reported on Friday. Some of the allegations go back ten years, but not all. This is how employees report drunkenness and aggression in 2022 on the set of “Manta Manta – Second Part”. During filming, Schweiger often drank alcohol in the morning and was sometimes heavily intoxicated and aggressive. In one case, the 59-year-old is said to have hit an employee in the face when he pointed out his misconduct.

Other allegations: excessive working hours, accidents during filming and a “climate of fear” on the sets of Schweiger’s films. If the director didn’t like something, he yelled at and put down employees, it was said. Insults such as “wanker”, “cunt” or “piss off” were normal, witnesses reported. One worker said the harassment caused her to become anxious and eventually ended up in hospital. In “Manta Manta 2,” a young extra was also said to have been pressured into filming a scene shirtless.

The “Spiegel” spoke for the research with a total of 50 employees who wanted to remain anonymous. The accused denied all allegations. It is the presumption of innocence. Constantin Film also rejects many of the allegations.

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