How the Highball, Mona Gallosi’s drink, is prepared

How the Highball, Mona Gallosi’s drink, is prepared

The preparation includes whiskey and soda, a combination as striking as it is effective.

soda machine firm, Sodastream together with Johnnie Walker came together to create, by the hand of the renowned bartender Mona Gallosia unique and exclusive drink that combines the best international whiskey together with the favorite drink of Argentines to make at home.

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How is it prepared?


  • 45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 20 ml simple syrup
  • 80ml soda
  • Half a slice of lemon

Step by Step

In a highball glass, add 45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, 20ml lemon juice, 20ml simple syrup (1 part water, 1 sugar) and mix well. Add lots of ice and fill the glass with soda. Garnish with half a slice of lemon for the final touch.

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