Heidi and Leni Klum: They pose together in underwear again

Heidi and Leni Klum: They pose together in underwear again

Revealing and sensual: Heidi and Leni Klum are back together in front of the camera for an underwear campaign, despite critical voices.

They don’t seem to care what critics think: Together, Heidi Klum (49) and her eldest daughter Leni Klum (18) again put themselves in front of the camera in sensual and revealing lingerie. As part of the new campaign by underwear label Intimissimi, the mother-daughter duo presents the spring collection made of white lace and delicate lilac colors in very light clothes.

Joint lingerie campaign inappropriate?

As brand ambassadors for the Italian brand, this is not the first time that the two Klum women have appeared together in underwear on advertising posters and other marketing material. Most recently, in autumn 2022, the two had advertised the autumn and winter collection as models with revealing photos.

For this, however, it had rained some harsh criticism, especially in the USA. Among other things, critics such as US talk show host Howard Stern (69) found it inappropriate for mother and daughter to show themselves half-naked in front of the camera. On social media, some called the PR campaign “strange” and “disturbing”.

That’s what Leni Klum has to say to the critics

Despite her young age, Leni Klum dealt with the critical feedback professionally at the time. At her mother’s traditional Halloween party, she explained, “I honestly haven’t looked into the reactions.” She is very happy with the campaign and spent a great day with her mother. “I love her, she’s an inspiration, the advice she gives me, how she works, just everything about her,” the 18-year-old told reporters about working with Mama Heidi. “I love shooting with her.”

Leni Klum focuses on modeling and studying

Leni Klum is not only promoting her modeling career, but has been living in New York since August 2022 and is studying interior design there. The fact that she goes to college on the side makes her famous mother proud. said the 49-year-old at the beginning of March: “I’m very proud of my daughter and her modeling, and she’s studying by the way, she’s already rocking it.”

Source: Stern

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