Duchess Meghan: Why was she absent from the Met Gala?

Duchess Meghan: Why was she absent from the Met Gala?

Duchess Meghan was absent from the Met Gala in New York, although there were rumors about her participation beforehand. That is the reason.

Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) are welcome guests on the red carpets in the United States. Still, the US-British couple has yet to appear at a major US awards ceremony. And the two also skipped the famous Met Gala on Monday (May 1). The Duke and Duchess of Sussex instead stayed in California while the fashion event took place in New York City. But why were they missing?

At least the Duchess Meghan’s participation in this year’s Met Gala had been speculated in advance, . One reason for their absence is said to be the high level of security they would need at this high-profile event. But that could not be guaranteed. So the only logical consequence was non-appearance.

The Oscar moderation also burst

The couple were also in talks to host Oscars in 2018, but even then logistical and security concerns prevented them from doing so. “Teams have been on the phone back and forth, even making some fashion inquiries,” blogger Elaine Lui wrote at the time. Meghan and Harry were still working royals at the time, which perhaps brought more complications.

Harry and Meghan retired from their royal family roles in 2020.

On Friday, the British prince will fly back home to attend the coronation (May 6) of his father, King Charles III. (74) to attend. Duchess Meghan remains in California with the two children and is celebrating her son Archie’s fourth birthday, which coincides with Charles’ coronation.

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