The leader of Metallica and his mate ritual in every show that is all the rage on social networks

The leader of Metallica and his mate ritual in every show that is all the rage on social networks

The leader of the iconic band metallica carries out a “well Argentine” ritual in each recital. It’s about the singer James Hetfieldwho in each show takes his mate and he takes it with him in every presentation. In the social networksthe historic heavy metal outfit released videos where it is seen consuming the infusion.

This time it was during the European tour that the band is undertaking. There he is seen Hetfieldbehind the scenes, drinking his mate to hydrate in the encore space of the show.

The Metallica singer and his mate ritual at every show

The image has caused a stir among Metallica fans and dunk aficionados around the world. Already in May of last year, the band had performed at the Campo Argentino de Polo, where they earned the admiration and looks of all the followers of the band.

Hetfield came out on stage with his dunking team and, to the shout of “Cheers!”, the vocalist showed the infusion that he always carries with him, achieving a great ovation from the public.

It is not the first time that the leader of metallica shows his love for South American culture. In 2014, the band toured Latin America, in which they played in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Colombia. During that tour, Hetfield was seen on several occasions drinking mate.

Where does the fanaticism for mate come from?

The story of James Hetfield with the culture of the River Plate has been coming for decades. The musician has been married since 1997 to Rosario Francesca Thomasi, who introduced the rocker to the habit of mate.

Hetfield and Tomasi met in 1992.when she was a costume designer for the band on tour Wherever I May Roam. There began a relationship that they formalized at the altar five years later.

As stated on several occasions, Argentina was very important in the fight of the leader of Metallica against addictions. The couple lives in the US state of Colorado and usually spend their vacations in an unusual place: the Uruguayan spa of José Ignacio.

Metallica played this Saturday before 60,000 people in Palermo, on their return to Argentina after their presentation at Lollapalooza 2017. The concert, which celebrates the band’s 30th anniversary, had been postponed several times since 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

metal singer takes a recital

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