Three reasons to visit Panama

Three reasons to visit Panama

The country is located at the intersection of the Caribbean and the Pacific, and is a perfect mix between the traditional and the modern, the cosmopolitan and the rural.

Panama It is a destination where people, passions, landscapes, cultures and worlds converge; where the celebration of diversity, sustainability and adventure are the main objectives. The country is located at the intersection of the Caribbean and the Pacific, and is a perfect mix between the traditional and the modern, the cosmopolitan and the rural.

With a unique biodiversity and an eclectic mix of cultures, Panama offers convenient accessibility from Argentina and transports travelers to a world apart.

3 reasons why it is worth visiting this destination:

Outdoor Adventure: Panama offers travelers the chance to experience a bustling city, unspoiled natural landscapes and epic adventures, from hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving, to freshwater and saltwater fishing, surfing and rafting, all in one destination. In fact, Panama has just inaugurated the first phase of the Ruta de la Caldera, a system of five trails around the extinct volcano. Once complete, the trails will total 30 kilometers and offer unparalleled views of the landscape, education about El Valle’s biodiversity, and a literal immersion into the Sleeping India and the pre-Columbian groups that once called El Valle home. This is in addition to the country’s “1,000 kilometers of trails” project (launched in 2021) to preserve important ecological trails critical to tourism, ecology and scientific discovery through the development of the outdoor recreation and tourism industry. green in protected areas. These are just two examples of the dedication and abundance of outdoor activities, unique biodiversity and ecological awareness that create unique and immersive adventure experiences.

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Unique Biodiversity: Panama is a country with abundant and exuberant nature, with tropical ecosystems of high biological diversity (more than 40% of the land and marine surface of the nation has been declared a protected area -important carbon sinks that have allowed Panama to stabilize its emissions As one of the only three carbon-negative countries in the world, Panama will also be ahead of the 30×30 global initiative with the signing of a decree that protects the Cordillera de Coiba, a measure that will triple the marine protected area of ​​the Cordillera de Coiba and will allow Panama to become a true Blue Leader: a country that officially “highly and fully” protects 30% or more of its oceans.Further recognition of its sustainability promise, Panama has also been chosen to host the Bloomberg New Economy Gateway in 2022 , a series of regional events with global audiences.

Culture and History: Panama is the destination par excellence for travelers who want to find themselves fully immersed in a convergence of cultures. The seven indigenous peoples and native communities of Panama practice ancestral wisdom and cling to their deep cultural expressions that they enjoy sharing with visitors, while transmitting to future generations. Visit the Ngäbe in the high mountains, the Naso in the province of Bocas del Toro, the Embera-Wounaan nestled deep in the rainforest, or the Guna by the Caribbean Sea. The Spanish influence in Panama is undeniable. Panama’s national costume, the pollerita, and the accompanying gold jewelry are influenced by the nation’s Spanish ancestors. The painted hat, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage example, is another accessory that dates back to Spanish colonizers. With the arrival of Europeans, Afro-descendants, Chinese and North Americans, the country’s heritage has been enriched and can be appreciated to a great extent through its customs: music, gastronomy, art and much more.

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