Rihanna Reveals Sweet Details About Her Second Pregnancy

Rihanna Reveals Sweet Details About Her Second Pregnancy

Rihanna is pregnant for the second time. Now the singer has revealed what’s different about pregnancy with baby number two.

Rihanna (35) is currently expecting her second child. As she walked the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala, she shared sweet and intimate details about her second pregnancy with a reporter. “It’s so different compared to the first”, .

She has “no cravings, but a lot of nausea,” reports Rihanna on the edge of the red carpet. But the fact that the second pregnancy is difficult to compare with the first obviously doesn’t bother her: “Everything is different, but I enjoy it.” The 35-year-old confirms that she feels good and full of energy.

In May 2022, Rihanna became a mother for the first time. When asked by the reporter about her firstborn child, she said she was “in love” with her young son: “I’m obsessed and I don’t feel guilty about it.” Her partner at the Met Gala was, of course, her partner A$AP Rocky (34), who is apparently just as enthusiastic about the development of his first son. “He grows up quickly, a beautiful, happy baby,” the portal quoted the musician as saying.

Rihanna sparks wedding speculation

Rihanna appeared at the Met Gala in a white Valentino ball gown, which consisted entirely of huge rose appliqués in the upper part including the cape. The 35-year-old showed her baby bump after letting the cape slide back. It looked like an oversized bridal bouquet. The bridal look caused speculation among many a fan on social media. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been dating since 2020. In 2022 there were first rumors that the two could have gotten engaged.

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