Kevin Costner’s wife Christine files for divorce after 18 years

Kevin Costner’s wife Christine files for divorce after 18 years

Kevin Costner and his wife Christine have parted ways. The divorce was due to “circumstances beyond his control,” the actor said.

Career-wise, things couldn’t be better for Kevin Costner right now. His series “Yellowstone” is one of the biggest hits in the USA, for which he received the Golden Globe for best actor this year. In private, however, things are different: His wife Christine Costner has just filed for divorce.

The Hollywood actor’s spokesman confirmed this to “TMZ”. “It is with great sadness that we must confirm that due to circumstances beyond his control, Mister Costner must participate in the dissolution of his marriage,” he said. The family, out of consideration for the children, ask that their privacy be respected.

No sign of crisis

The fact that their marriage was going through a crisis could not be read from the public appearances of the two. A month after the Golden Globe awards, Costner reports in a video how the two watched the gala at home. Because of a flood he hadn’t been able to visit her on site. “She realized, ‘I was pretty down about it,'” Costner says in the clip. So she surprised him at home with 30 balloons.

Costner and his wife, born Christine Baumgartner, met on a golf course and married in Colorado in 2004. The two have three children between the ages of 12 and 15. According to “TMZ”, the divorce application filed by Baumgartner on Monday should ask for joint custody, and Costner has also applied for joint custody of the children. According to the report, Baumgartner is said not to have made any additional financial demands, she is said to have only referred to the conditions agreed in the marriage contract.

This is Costner’s second divorce. The 68-year-old married for the first time in 1978, and in 1994 he divorced his then wife Cindy. He had four more children with her who had grown up long ago.


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