Believe or burst: this is the Feng Shui proposal to solve economic problems

Believe or burst: this is the Feng Shui proposal to solve economic problems

In times of uncertainty, a change of method is always welcome. In this case, if you are one of those people who wants to follow the teachings of the feng shui (and if you don’t have a lot of time), there are minimal actions to start improve the energy of your house and, especially, attract fortune.

You have to understand that the feng shui is a set of actions, advice and In-home modifications so that we can live in harmony with the environment and the energy that surrounds us is in balance. And how the attraction of money, order in finances and fortune is one of the main concerns in our day to daywe give you a series of tips so that the energy in our house is correct.


How to attract money according to Feng Shui

How to activate the money zone at home?

To activate the wealth zone of your home, Feng Shui recommends include the element of water. This can be accomplished with a miniature fountain, a fish tank (preferably a goldfish), or even paintings or photographs where water is present, such as rivers or beach landscapes.

The importance of natural light to attract abundance

For positive energy, as well as good luck, abundance and wealth to flow better in a home, according to the feng shui, it is vital that natural light entersespecially in the area that is most interested in activating.

Leave room for the good: do not accumulate

One of the main rules of feng shui is do not accumulate objects inside the house: collecting things without reason, without use or without objective, only creates energy stagnations that affect the stability of your home. as soon as a object is damaged, broken or has lost its use within your home you have to throw it away, and before buying a replacement, you should think carefully if it is really necessary.


When you leave enough space by only having the necessary objects and decorations, you give free space to all the energy of wealth, which will make your home an area of ​​abundance, because it is ready to receive; in the same way, your environment will feel fresh, liberated and you will also notice the change in your daily routine.

order in the kitchen

The kitchen and dining room are key areas of abundance for the feng shui since they are the areas that feed the entire home since they are the places where food is prepared, stored and served. Therefore, these environments must be well organized, clean and orderly.

The main thing is cleanliness


Every day you must wash all utensils and throw away leftover food instead, check for leaks in the gas or water faucets and store your food well (that all are in good condition and avoid waste).

keep the entrance clear

So that the positive energy flows and the negative does not stagnate (and, in this way, there can be more abundance and wealth in a home), the ideal is have the entrance of the house clear. A simple decoration with well-oriented furniture is the best way to achieve this, you can also add a plant for good luck and abundance.

Avoid water leaks

According to Feng Shui, flowing water is good in certain areas of the map and depending on what is sought to be promoted, but in the case of wanting to activate the money area and that the more wealth in the home must be prevented from flowing water in this part of the house. Therefore, do not place open circuit fountains, that is, with a drain, and avoid water leaks at all costs.

The problem of metal and sharp objects

Metal, says Feng Shui, is a very cold and sometimes very sharp element that is not very harmonious with water, especially if it is in your area of ​​wealth. Avoid metal objects or furniture as well as the color white, which is the color that represents it.

On the other hand, no pointy objects or sharp corners, as well as sharp ornaments such as swords, knives, pokers or pyramids. This cuts the fluidity of the water and at the same time of the wealth. Always opt, regardless of the area of ​​your home, for furniture or round or oval objects that do not cut off energy or unbalance the harmony of your home.

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