Is The Cure coming?: A tweet from Robert Smith excites fans

Is The Cure coming?: A tweet from Robert Smith excites fans

The frontman confirmed that Argentina is on the itinerary of the band’s Latin American tour. However, he explained that details still remain to be finalized.

Final details remain. Business problems, according to the singer himself. If there is no major inconvenience, The Cure will play in Argentina. Also in Peru, Brazil and Uruguay, among other countries. so anticipated Robert Smith, unleashing the euphoria of the fans, who already see the visit of the British group as a fact.

Although Smith had already announced on Twitter at the beginning of April that The Cure would come to Latin America, this time the frontman went one step further and named the countries that an eventual tour of the band would go through this year.

“2023: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay Peru, Uruguay”, They are the countries that the British artist listed in a tweet that quickly went viral among fans of the emblematic group.


However, the last word has not been said. In that same message, the singer and guitarist clarified: “Resolving business is taking a little longer than thought… more details when they exist.”

Earlier this month, the musician had announced new shows in the US and an upcoming visit to Latin America. : “There are still a few tickets left for Nola… some additional shows in North America will be announced tomorrow at 8am PT x #ShowsOfALostWorld2”

“PS: Details of upcoming shows in Mexico and seven of the twelve sovereign countries of South America will be announced before the end of the month… #ShowsOfALostWorld2023”, anticipated on that occasion.

The Cure’s last visit to the country occurred exactly 10 years ago, when the band landed in the country in April 2013, to offer a massive show at the River Plate stadium, which was attended by more than 40,000 people.

Before, in 1987, On the crest of the wave, The Cure had visited Argentina for the first time, offering a memorable show at the Ferrocarril Oeste stadium.

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