Adel: Charles biographer: Prince Andrew on the balcony would be “shock”

Adel: Charles biographer: Prince Andrew on the balcony would be “shock”

The coronation ceremony of King Charles III takes place at the weekend. instead of. Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have left the royal family. Will they still perform on the balcony?

Charles biographer Catherine Mayer does not want to rule out an appearance by the discredited Prince Andrew (63) on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the coronation.

If Andrew were actually there, it would be a “terrible shock,” said the author of the book “Charles III – with the heart of a king” of the German Press Agency. Similar to other major occasions, the royal family will reunite following the coronation of King Charles III. show on Saturday on the balcony of the castle.

It is expected that Andrew will not be present at the public appearance. He was forced to resign from his royal duties because of his involvement in the abuse scandal surrounding the now dead US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Will Prince Harry perform?

It is also expected that Charles’ younger son, Prince Harry, will also not appear on the balcony. He and Andrew have retired from the royal circle. Prince Harry willingly gave up his place at the core of the royal family. He now lives with his wife Meghan (41) and their children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1) in the US state of California. His relationship with the other royals is considered broken.

She expects Harry and Andrew to be treated in a similar manner and to appear in civilian clothes and be assigned seats “appropriate to their position as family members, but not as professional royals,” Mayer said.

At the same time, however, she referred to a “grotesque mistake” by the palace, which had called on the population to swear allegiance to the king during the coronation ceremony. However, the request led to a shitstorm on social media. The misjudgment of the palace shows how far the royals and their environment are from the reality of the people, so Mayer.

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