Russell Crowe: Why he wasn’t invited to the coronation

Russell Crowe: Why he wasn’t invited to the coronation

Russell Crowe broke the rules of etiquette at his last meeting with the royals – is that why he can’t go to the coronation?

Russell Crowe (59) is at the coronation of King Charles III. (74) will not be there on Saturday – and he has his own explanation for why he did not receive an invitation to the royal event.

In and on Twitter, Crowe said it would probably be “the last time I was introduced to the royals.” Accordingly, the chamberlain of Prince Harry (38) and Prince William (40) would have given him precise instructions on how to behave when he last met.

“I just don’t have that in my blood”

Crowe recalls the guidelines: “Listen, when you’re talking to a prince, address him like this and like that and like that.” The actor, who lives in Australia, couldn’t do much with the instructions: “The thing is, I just don’t have that in my blood.” He is always respectful and happy to meet new people, “but this ‘Your Highness’ is just not in my nature”.

Instead, the actor opted for a much more down-to-earth form of address for the princes: “I called Prince Harry and William ‘pals.’ The chamberlain almost fainted.”

Words of praise for Charles

About King Charles III Russell Crowe has nothing but good things to say. In Australia, resistance to the British king is growing, Crowe wrote on Twitter against it. He reported that he met Charles at a premiere in London 20 years ago. he described the king as “friendly”, “funny”, “very intelligent” and “a good fellow”.

On the subject of the monarchy, he wrote more critically: “I regard the costumes and the ritual and the pageantry, if anything, with distant interest. I don’t know what all this is supposed to mean in 2023, nor in any other time.”

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