Star Wars Day: the trick in Google to use the force with Grogu

Star Wars Day: the trick in Google to use the force with Grogu

The most important search engine on the Internet joins the celebration in a very particular way.


under the star wars dayGrogu, better known to his legion of fans as Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorians” of Disney+infiltrated Google.

If you type “Grogu” or “Baby Yoda” into the Google search bar, the tiny creature will appear in the lower right section of the screen. When you click or tap on Grogu, he starts using The Force… and removes the top section of the search results. If you keep clicking on it, you continue to dismantle the Google search page.


Grogu stars alongside Peter Pascal the original series of Disney+ “The Mandalorian”which just finished its season 3 and the little boy also appears in “The Book of Boba Fett”. (Before being identified by his name, Grogu was simply called “El Niño”).

According to a Google representative, the company worked with Disney to make sure “we were representing everything accurately.” Baby Yoda works on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

“Grogu is a really fun character and has built up a huge following,” said Lucas Bullen, Google’s lead engineer on the project. “We wanted to acknowledge that and allow fans to interact with Grogu as he practices his Force abilities on the quest page. We always enjoy adding these kinds of experiences for fans to stumble upon while using Google Search and as a Star Wars fan, working on this Easter Egg was a real treat.”

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