Ed Sheeran was acquitted in a plagiarism trial

Ed Sheeran was acquitted in a plagiarism trial

The British singer had said he was willing to quit music if he was found guilty.

Ed Sheeran was acquitted today in Manhattan federal court of plagiarism of the 1970s hit Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” for your own “Thinking Out Loud”.

The verdict finding him not liable for copyright infringement came after just a few hours of deliberation on Thursday.

The jury had officially begun deliberations after closing arguments on Wednesday night. US District Court Judge, louis stantonhad sent the Manhattan jury into deliberation with a sharp warning: “Independent creation is a complete defense, no matter how similar that song is”.

Stanton told the jury that lawyers for the estate of Gaye’s co-writer, Ed Townsendthey needed to “prove by a preponderance of the evidence…that Sheeran actually did copy and miscopy ‘Let’s Get It On,'” as opposed to coincidence, insignificant similarities argued by Sheeran’s lawyers.

Before the case went to the jury, Sheeran’s attorney, Ilene Farkas, told jurors in closing argument that similarities in chords or rhythm, versus melody and lyrics, were ” the letters of the alphabet of music… These are basic musical components that composers now and forever must be free to use, or all of us who love music will be poorer for it,” Farkas said.

Keisha Riceanother lawyer for the plaintiffs, argued in return that the case hinged on “how these common elements were uniquely combined.”

Sheeran had claimed in his testimony earlier this week that he would leave the industry if convicted. “If that happens, I finish, I stop,” he said. “I find it really insulting to dedicate my whole life to being a performer and composer and have someone diminish it”.

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