Who is the hot influencer who starred in the video with Tomás Holder

Who is the hot influencer who starred in the video with Tomás Holder

The recording that circulates on Twitter did not go unnoticed among the users of the social network, who reacted with all kinds of comments.

In the last few hours, an intimate video of Thomas Holderex Big Brotheralong with a young woman. She is an influencer known as Augustine “La Tana”who creates and sells erotic content.

The identity of the young woman was revealed when he shared a photo with a white T-shirt that had a shark print. “Always wanted to be with a rockstar,” he wrote over the image. Later, she uploaded a photo wearing that same shirt with the same phrase.


“Do you remember that I told you that I had an anecdote with someone I knew? Turns out I went to a party and we met. I didn’t follow him on Instagram and I took a photo with him, in fact, I uploaded it,” Agustina said about how she met Thomas Holder.

“Question that he looked for me and I asked him how he had come to me. He told me that when he saw me at the party he liked me and he found me through a comment of mine on the Instagram of the party… That I did not follow him and that I did not tag him in the photo, ”she added.

In turn, the influencer assured that the talk spread and they came to make an appointment: “We started chatting and we saw each other the next day! Talking I realized that it is not at all as shown on the networks! He is a very sweet and good being. That caught me a lot. Question that I was four days in his apartment, we connected very well and had a great time. In those four days of living together we had a terribly rich time”.


“The video that was leaked is something that happened two months ago and a bit”, he assured about the sexual encounter he had with his little brother. When asked if there was a sentimental link with the media, Agustina replied: “It’s a love, it’s divine, I think we were for different things and each one was looking for a different direction.” She also clarified that she is currently in a relationship, but she did not clarify with whom.

In addition, La Tana expressed her surprise at the viralization of this intimate material with Holder: “They sent it by WhatsApp in bomb mode and someone recorded it from another cell phone. I swear I didn’t go, I put a watermark on all my content.

Source: Ambito

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