Coronation: Frightened horse ran backwards into a crowd

Coronation: Frightened horse ran backwards into a crowd

Despite gigantic planning efforts and numerous protests, the coronation of Charles III. passed without major incidents. On the edge of the procession, however, there were almost dramatic scenes.

It was a major international event: Charles III was inaugurated yesterday under the eyes of the world. officially crowned king. With a lot of pomp, in front of countless guests and accompanied by a gigantic procession. The festive parade was almost overshadowed by an accident. Right next to the royal carriage, one of the many participating horses had shied away – and had backed into a group of spectators with full force.

The eruption was extensively documented because of the numerous cameras on site. The procession was about to turn into Trafalgar Square on its way back from Westminster Abbey when it stopped a few yards behind King Charles III’s carriage. and Queen Camilla arrives at the dramatic scene. A rider loses control of his angry animal. He is still trying desperately to avoid the colleagues surrounding him, he has long since lost his helmet. Then comes the scary moment. The horse continues to stagger backwards in the direction of the audience – and finally breaks through one of the barriers. Then, fortunately, it jumps forward. And moves away from the completely surprised spectators behind the barrier.

No serious consequences

According to reports, the shock seems to have stayed the same: neither the spectators nor the horse and rider seem to have been seriously injured in the outbreak. If you look closely at the recordings, you shouldn’t have missed much. If the animal had rushed into the barrier with a little more force, it would not have withstood the weight – and it would have fallen into the crowded spectators.

A second shot shows another horse swerving out of the procession. A few hundred yards away, riding toward Buckingham Palace, one of the animals begins to break out of the procession. For more than a minute it wanders from right to left again and again, fighting with the rider for its direction. All a few meters behind the royal carriage. However, it is not clear whether it is the same horse. The position in the parade is almost the same. However, unlike the first incident a few minutes earlier, the rider is still wearing his helmet.

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