Jeremy Renner: The actor celebrates his body

Jeremy Renner: The actor celebrates his body

Actor Jeremy Renner can walk again four months after his serious accident. He shares videos of his recovery process online.

Jeremy Renner (52) is doing everything he can to find his way back to normal life after his accident. In January, the actor was run over by a ski flight and was critically injured. Four months later, the “Avengers” star shows videos of his training and walking attempts. You can see that he can now walk almost smoothly again without a walker. “The body is a miracle,” says Renner about his recovery.

Video shows his walking getting better and better

that literally shows his progress. At first he needed a walker and was very slow on the move. Then he could walk faster and eventually even try without help. The last scenes show how he can almost run smoothly again.

His message is: “You can’t walk if you don’t take one step at a time.” Gradually and with a lot of discipline, Jeremy Renner fought back. He fractured more than 30 bones in the accident earlier this year.

Hard workout

Two days earlier he already showed a video of his workout. He wears harnesses connected to a machine to work on his leg muscles and mobility. He wrote combatively: “The body is a miracle.” He decided to overcome his pain and continue training. “Even if I feel like the tin man who needs oil for all my new joints.”

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