Fito Páez and Osvaldo Pugliese, the unpublished photos behind the iconic meeting

Fito Páez and Osvaldo Pugliese, the unpublished photos behind the iconic meeting

fito paez It is going through a moment of maximum exposure. It is a kind of “revival” that comes accompanied by the anniversary tour for the 30 years of the emblematic album “The love after Love” and launch of his biographical series on Netflix which bears the same name as the aforementioned album.

In the midst of this furor for Páez, some unpublished images emerged from a production of the Sí Supplement of the Clarín newspaper in 1989 where the man from Rosario is seen sharing a moment with Osvaldo Pugliesea benchmark for tango and Argentine music in general.

The photographs were shared through the Instagram account of the account San Pugliese Documentaryand show both artists in various situations in downtown Buenos Aires.

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The session was at the door and then inside the Presidente Alvear Theater (Av. Corrientes 1658), where days later they were going to participate in a musical cycle.

Part of the chronicle reported that the two hugged each other. Then, Pugliese asked Páez: “And when do you cut that long hair?” Those present let out “a general laugh,” the newspaper described on September 29, 1989. The supplement was headlined: “Paez-Pugliese. The immortals”.

The research carried out by Maximilian Acosta for the documentary “San Pugliese” managed to obtain unpublished images of that moment that were provided by Charlie Sarraf.

What is the documentary “San Pugliese” about?

Osvaldo Pugliese was first a pioneer of tango to later be turned into an “antimufa” saint admired by rock. He endured a life of prisons and persecutions from democratic and dictatorial governments for his affiliation with the Communist party. His daughter Beba and her granddaughter Carla open unpublished files, and his musicians tell what they never dared.

With testimonials from some of its musicians, such as Abel Cordobalast singer of the Orchestra; Amilcar Tolosadouble bass player; Victor Lavallenbandoneon player; Rodolfo Mederosbandoneon player; Diego Lerendeguiviolinist and Patrick Villarejo, cellist. In addition to interviews with the actor louis brandonithe musician Leon Giecothe saxophonist from La Renga, Manu Varela; the bassist of the band Árbol, Sebastian Bianchini.

“San Pugliese” is a documentary project that was chosen by INCAA for its realization and is based on a journalistic investigation of Maximilian Acosta and is directed by Acosta himself along with Santiago Nacif and Lola Winner.

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