Shoe trends: Fashionistas now rely on Mary Janes

Shoe trends: Fashionistas now rely on Mary Janes

Whether high, flat, colorful or simple: Mary Janes are hip now and provide a retro vibe in spring.

An old shoe crush returns this spring: Mary Janes are now being worn up and down by countless fashionistas. Today, the playful buckle shoes from the 1920s are not only available in black, but in a wide variety of colors – and above all with heels of different heights, which goes hand in hand with a wide range of styling options.

Tall Mary Janes for chic occasions

All in all, Mary Janes give every outfit an elegant touch, as does Caro Daurs (28) With a cool leather skirt, bomber jacket and tight bustier, her pointed Mary Janes with high heels ensure a stylish break in style. In addition to Prada, luxury labels such as Chanel, Steve Madden, Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta and Gucci are currently also using the classic shoes.

Flat companions for everyday use

It should be clear that the high version is not necessarily suitable for everyday use. All the better that Mary Janes can still be found flat. Model Alexa Chung (39) wears wide jeans, a white shirt and an oversized sweater with flat black suede Mary Janes and beige socks.

When the spring weather is nice, the summery shoes also go well with dresses or outfits with a skirt. Accents can also be set with colourful, glittering or ruffled socks.

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