Britney Spears: Can her autobiography be published?

Britney Spears: Can her autobiography be published?

Britney Spears reportedly wrote an autobiography. Allegedly, the question arises as to whether the book can be published at all.

Marriages, unknown relationships, guardianship… All of this and more is said to be the subject of an autobiography that Britney Spears (41) is said to have written. The publisher Simon & Schuster is said to be wondering whether the book can be published at all. According to a media report, several lawyers have already gotten in touch, even if the biography will probably not be published until autumn.

A “brutally honest” book intended to “shake the world”.

Among other things, that Simon & Schuster acquired the rights to an autobiography of the singer. According to media reports, it was initially expected that the book would appear in early 2023, written that it would probably not be ready until autumn. The tell-all book that Spears worked on with author and journalist Sam Lansky (34) is “brutally honest,” said an anonymous source. Another said it would “shake the world”.

An insider now chose similar words and there are already “many nervous A-celebrities”. Accordingly, the publisher had received some “sharply worded legal letters” on behalf of people “who know Britney and fear what she has written”. The publisher’s lawyers are now supposed to check whether the autobiography can be published with the previous content.

In the book, Spears is said to address issues such as her marriage to Sam Asghari, 29, and being guardian of her father for more than 13 years until the end of 2021. According to the insider, it should also be about the singer’s past relationships, some of which are not yet known to the public. According to the report, the names of big movie stars and people from the music industry could be mentioned. “She wanted to go all out with this book and tell her truth – and that’s what worries people,” the anonymous source is quoted as saying.

Source: Stern

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