Jey Mammon said that “all the people who have lied” will have to answer before Justice

Jey Mammon said that “all the people who have lied” will have to answer before Justice

After his return from Spain after the complaint of sexual abuse by Lucas Benvenuto, the former driver of the Peña de Morfi anticipated that he will take action against people who have defamed him.

Jey Mammon, After returning from Spain after the sexual abuse complaint filed by Lucas Benvenuto in 2020 came to light, he announced that would present legal actions both against Benvenuto for “false denunciation”against the channel in which he worked for “cancel it” and against the media that defamedaccording to his lawyer Fernando Burlando.

In this context, the journalist Matías Vázquez consulted the driver on Monday about his current situation: “I continue the same as always, I continue to think the same as always. I don’t know what the change is that you see. First it was like a kick in the head, you have to get up, that may be what it looks like. But I’m still the same because the unfacts are still the unfactsSo it doesn’t change anything,” he said.

In addition, he talked about how his life changed in recent months after the public complaint against him: “One out there he feels more solid because he is standing, nothing more. But I’m still the same and the circumstances are still the same.”

Regarding the possible complaints that Burlando anticipated that he would present against those who spoke against him, Mammon stated: “I never liked doing a circus about anything, so less serious things. I don’t like to anticipate what’s going to happen either, so okay, when what has to happen happens I will sit down to talk about what is happening. I don’t like to say: ‘This is going to happen’. When it happens, they will find out. In the meantime, you can talk to the lawyers and they will tell you what is happening,” he explained without wanting to anticipate any of the measures he will take in the future.

However, he made it clear:All the people who have lied and have gotten on or have become the owners of a lie, have to answer in front of this lie.. That solidity is because I feel safe. It happens that when you receive the shot or the bombing it is very difficult, it is very hard. Above all when they get on that lie, then you feel overwhelmed. There are people who are dedicated to that, which is not me, who are working on it and to them you have to go ask them”.

Finally, the former driver of the Peña de Morfi He denied that there is harassment against him by the people and, quite to the contrary, he appreciated the messages of support that come to him on his social networks.

He concluded: “I dedicate myself to making songs, humor and being an artist. So ultimately Anything that has to do with the legal, discuss it with the lawyers. we are facing a false complaint. And those who have lied or have jumped on the lie and have echoed the lie and have also become owners of that lie, they will have to respond in the corresponding field and that it is not television, it is Justice”.

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