Duchess Meghan is still the No. 1 enemy in the British press

Duchess Meghan is still the No. 1 enemy in the British press

The long-awaited coronation in London is over. The country has a new king – but the old enemy remains for the press: Duchess Meghan.

The coronation weekend and the many royal appointments should definitely keep the tabloid journalists on the island busy. But it seems that many of them still only have two names in mind: Meghan and Harry.

After the coronation: the press railed against Harry and Meghan

Even beforehand, the usual suspects reported in a fairly pertinent manner. So it was rumored on the “Daily Express” before the coronation that Meghan Markle would try everything in her power to distract from Charles’ coronation and draw attention to herself. In fact, nothing happened.

Neither did the couple post on son Archie’s birthday, which fell on the same day as the coronation, nor did Meghan reveal anything else about their plans. Only pictures of her hiking made the rounds after the day of the coronation.

Comparison between Harry and Andrew

The “Daily Mail”, also known for its Sussex hatred, also reported that Harry made his father sad because he only appeared so briefly at the coronation. You have to call these reports what they are: nonsense.

Prince Harry traveled to his home country last Friday and stayed completely out of the public eye before the coronation, so nobody stole the show. On the day of the ceremony, he appeared in a reserved tailcoat, as requested – unlike Prince Andrew, who, despite the scandalous past, threw himself into festive clothes. And he took the seat in the third row without much grumbling. After the coronation, the prince flew back to Los Angeles and to his son, whom he could wish good night on his birthday.

Let’s be honest, the royal family shouldn’t have bothered that much. Because Harry wasn’t scheduled to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace anyway. He also does not belong in the official portrait after leaving royal life. And given Harry’s description of his stepmother, Queen Camilla, she might have been pleased that he didn’t demand as much attention.

90 percent of the articles negative

And yet the relevant papers agree again: Meghan and Harry are the bad guys. On Twitter, author Edwin Hayward analyzed how the “Express” reported before and during the coronation. “‘The Express’ has published over 100 articles about the couple in the last 72 hours, more than 90 percent of them negative. Some articles were brutally aggressive and abusive,” he wrote there.

One may imagine that the two would have traveled to the coronation together and would have even presented their two children. The cameras would have attracted like moths to light – because the Sussexes still have that effect today. Every (wrong) gesture by the couple would have been analyzed and, if in doubt, angrily commented on.

Ultimately, the coronation weekend shows again how parts (by far not all) of the press expose themselves. Because it doesn’t matter what Harry and Meghan do or don’t do. “Daily Mail”, “Express” and Co. will never be able to do it right. And so one can only wish the two that they had a nice end to the coronation weekend in California – and can forget the constant media noise from England.

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