Nicolas Cage and Bill Skarsgård to star in a sequel to “The Lord of War”

Nicolas Cage and Bill Skarsgård to star in a sequel to “The Lord of War”

Part one director Andrew Niccol will return to write and direct the new film.

Vendôme Pictures announced Monday that Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage will star alongside bill skarsgard a movie sequel Lord of War (The Lord of the war), the 2005 thriller that featured Cage as international arms dealer Yuri Orlov. In the new film, titled Lords of War, Orlov discovers that he has a son, Anton (Skarsgård), who is assembling an army of mercenaries to fight in America’s Middle Eastern conflicts. The sequel will detail their bitter rivalry, which even finds them at odds over the same woman.

the filmmaker of Lord of War, andrew nicolwill return to write and direct the new film, which will begin shooting in the spring.

“There’s so much more to explore with these characters”Niccol said in a statement. “Plato said it best: ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war.’ I really want to spend more time in the company of the charming demon that is Yuri Orlov and now his illegitimate child, who turns out to be in no way legitimate.

Cage was recently seen on the big screen playing Dracula in Renfieldwhile Skarsgård fought against Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Lord of War also made headlines last year when news broke that Victor Boutthe Russian arms dealer who inspired Cage’s character, was being offered in a prisoner exchange for the WNBA star Brittney Griner. The exchange took place in December.

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