Bikini trends 2023: These models are popular this summer

Bikini trends 2023: These models are popular this summer

Spring is coming and summer (holidays) is not far away either. Anyone who would like to prepare themselves fashionably should take a look at the bikini trends for 2023.

Last year, many of us had to do without a beach holiday again and can certainly use a good mood summer in 2023. The bikini trends are appropriate: models with eyelet embroidery, ruffles and floral prints are popular. Swimwear can be playful and eye-catching, the main thing is that it creates a good mood. The following models in particular are among the fashion trends and are doing well this season – whether on the beach, in the outdoor pool, on vacation or in the garden at home.

1st trend: bikini with underwire

They are practical, suit many body types and are particularly trendy at the moment: . They are reminiscent of a normal bra in terms of their look and ensure good support even with a larger bust size. They are also available in different models, so that there is the right model for everyone: for example with a playful scalloped edge, bow, knot or other eye-catching details.

2nd trend: smocked bikini or models with ruffles

It’s not just blouses, off-the-shoulder tops or dresses that scream summer and lightness when they come with smocked details – bikinis too. Smocked sections, but also ruffles or are among the bikini trends of 2023 and immediately ensure a good mood and a playful look.

3rd trend: asymmetrical bikini

This trend ensures an exciting eye-catcher look and will be one of the optical highlights in swimwear in 2023: . One-shoulder bikini tops can be combined in both a sporty and playful way. There is no longer any need for wild prints on the bikini, it stands out simply because of its cut.

4th trend: bikini with animal print

This trend is actually more of a perennial favorite: . It doesn’t matter whether it’s a leopard, zebra or snake pattern: the animal details attract attention and make the bathing look exciting. Plus, they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

5th trend: bikini with floral print and pastel colors

When it comes to the bikini trends of 2023, we can also think back to the 70s in terms of fashion: Because and in pastel colors are on the rise again. Large flowers, preferably in pastel colors but also in other colors, can now be on bikini tops and bottoms.

6th trend: sustainability

When it comes to swimwear, too, it is important to many that the fashion is sustainable. This is also reflected in the bikini trends for 2023. If you use the trends mentioned above, they should at best be sustainable. This means, for example: the materials come from organic farming/animal husbandry, no toxic chemicals were used and the fashion was manufactured with low resource consumption and fair working conditions. Here you can read what constitutes sustainable fashion and how you can recognize it.

More bikini trends for 2023

Also bikini models with lacing, eyelet embroidery, with graphic prints or in bright colors you can confidently wear in summer 2023 and are therefore also trendy. Monokinis or triangle models are less popular this year.

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