The Upper Austrian who manages more than ten million euros for the film

The Upper Austrian who manages more than ten million euros for the film

Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Anyone who has seen Austrian films such as “Der Fuchs” and “Greece” in the cinema or the TV series finale of “Der Pass” has also enjoyed her work: Christine Dollhofer (59) has been in charge of the Vienna Film Fund since the end of 2021. The Vorchdorf native, who headed the Linz “Crossing Europe” for almost 20 years, is thus the managing director of one of Austria’s central funding sources, which makes the realization of audiovisual works such as the ones mentioned financially possible.

“The competition is getting tougher”

Dollhofer is his face, his mouthpiece and has to “take responsibility for all decisions and ensure that we handle our budget carefully and economically”. As the managing director, she is also part of the jury that makes approvals and rejections.

“One of the challenges here is communicating with the project planners in order to translate our decisions,” says the cultural manager. It is important to note that production companies are not funded across the board, but rather the respective film projects that are most convincing artistically and economically from the production point of view. She is always enthusiastic about “the large number of great substances” that the industry produces, the application volume has risen sharply. Cancellations are usually based on the finite nature of the funds. “The competition is definitely getting tougher.” The reason is also the reorganization of film funding, which has been in effect since January. Put simply, there is potentially more up for grabs, but you must first qualify for other funds (selective funds). Dollhofer: “And they didn’t get any higher.”

The intense competition meets an industry “in which a lot has changed and continues to change”. Generational change characterizes jobs in front of and behind the camera, you are no longer only subscribed to cinema or TV, but switch between film and series, cinema, TV and streaming. “There’s a lot more diversity and women, especially in directing.”

By the end of 2024, the Austrian Film Institute wants to ensure that all funding is divided 50:50 between men and women. “We’re on the right track here. You can tell that the industry is changing. You know that we pay attention to this in the funding process.”

A code of ethics was also implemented in these, which is intended to ensure “what should be self-evident in itself”: every shoot must be a “safe workplace” – from a labor law and interpersonal perspective without any harassment or discrimination. What was the industry’s biggest lesson from the Teichtmeister case? “The case made it clear that you have to address what’s going on in good time and pull the ripcord. There’s no point in ducking your head, wanting to dive through. Things like that always come to light.” Such precedent is a wake-up call that has been heard.

Background to the Vienna Film Fund
In order to set up the financing for a (larger) film or TV project in Austria, funds are needed from at least three funding pillars, on the one hand from the Austrian Film Institute and the ORF (film/television agreement), as another key partner the Vienna Film Fund is an option. The annual budget is 11.5 million euros. In 2022, 167 projects were supported with a record amount of funding (14.6 million euros) (in the areas of cinema and TV film, exploitation, infrastructure).

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