The Daft Punk experience with Augmented Reality from Snapchat arrives in Buenos Aires

The Daft Punk experience with Augmented Reality from Snapchat arrives in Buenos Aires

daft punkthe French electronic music duo is one of the most beloved in the world and their album Random Access Memories will celebrate 10 years on May 12. For this, several surprises were revealed, little by little, and now, Augmented Reality is added to the list to give life to “Daft Punk: Memories Unlocked”a series of experiences for fans around the world through the AR Studio of Snapchatbased in Paris, France.

AR Experience #1 – A track “hiding in plain sight” for 10 years

To celebrate this highly anticipated anniversary edition, the AR Studio created three immersive, musical Augmented Reality (AR) experiences available exclusively on Snapchat.

These experiences leverage innovative Augmented Reality technologies from Snap Inc., such as Marker Tech and Image Code, which enable AR experiences to be triggered simply by scanning an image, or features that enable geolocated AR experiences that can only be accessed in locations specific to the whole world.

“When we met with Daft Punk’s creative and management team at the beginning of the year, we immediately saw their interest in Augmented Reality. This technology allows you to enrich the experience around a work of art and create innovative and creative interactions between an artist and We have worked closely with the Daft Punk team and our goal is for fans to discover the Augmented Reality experiences created around the cult album Random Access Memories,” said Donatien Bozon, Director of the AR Studio.

Billboard 1.jpg

AR Experience #2 – Treasure hunt in 10 cities around the world

On Wednesday May 10, 48 hours before the anniversary edition goes on sale, the track “Horizon”, which is part of the Japanese version of the 2013 album, will be revealed to the rest of the world through the Lenses of Snapchat Augmented Reality.

To do this, fans will only need to use the Snapchat camera to scan the original album cover, discover the group’s new glass helmet and listen to “Horizon”, a song that has always been there, but hidden in the silver and gold helmet. for more than 10 years. Also, by rotating the camera, Snapchatters will be able to put on the glass helmet while listening to the song.

So they can enjoy the theme and share with their closest friends the experience of discovering a jewel that was always present, but was never found… until now.

AR Experience #2 – Treasure hunt in 10 cities around the world

Now that we know that the Plaza Mayo in Buenos Aires was one of the locations revealed in the coordinates that Daft Punk announced a few days agoon Thursday, May 11, everything will make sense, with the Augmented Reality experience to discover a treasure that the French duo hid in the center of the city of Buenos Aires.

The other cities where the treasure can be found are Paris (France), New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia), São Paulo (Brazil) and Mexico City (Mexico).

AR Experience #3 – Augmented Billboards: Introducing the new Augmented Reality headset

From May 11 to 28, 2023, in Buenos Aires and 9 other cities around the world, the public will be able to discover the duo’s new 10th anniversary glass helmet through an extensive billboard campaign. When you find these ads, you can scan the QR code that will redirect to the Snapchat camera.

Fans and Snapchatters will be able to access the Augmented Reality Lens with the giant glass helmet on top of the record as “Horizon” begins to play in the background. Also, by rotating the camera, you can try on the helmet and become a member of Daft Punk to show it in your stories or in Spotlight.

All these experiences can be enjoyed by following the instructions below:

  • Being in the right place based on experience (Plaza Mayo, in front of an advertisement).
  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Activate the location.
  • Enter the camera of the application in selfie mode or to scan.
  • Discover the surprise that Daft Punk prepared and record it or take a screenshot.
  • Ready! Now share with your friends.

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