PH, we can talk: Andy Kusnetzoff revealed why the show is not coming back

PH, we can talk: Andy Kusnetzoff revealed why the show is not coming back

The talk show remains unconfirmed on his television return date.

PH We can talk

After months of rumors and speculation about the return of PH: We can talk (Telephone) Andy Kusnetzoff He broke the silence and explained why the cycle has not yet returned to television.

After saying goodbye to the public at the end of 2022 with the promise of returning once the holidays are over, PH Never came back. Despite already being in the fifth month of the year, not only is the premiere date of the seventh season unknown, but both the driver and the production and even the channel’s managers did not disclose any information about your state.

Finally Andy referred to the issue in dialogue with THE M (America). “What about PH?” asked journalist Alejandro Castelo. Without much security, the interviewee expressed: “I think it will return at some point, we are seeing. There are a lot of side talks, but I’m also doing some really cool stuff, but we’re on it.. PH is in my heart and I think she will always come back, the question is when. I am super happy and I want him to come back”.

Regarding the reason for the delay, he said: “We are in talks without rush because the truth is that we want the product to be good and to have a renewal. And it’s good, I think that not rushing with that is what we agreed with the channel”. And he remarked: “There is nothing.”

On whether there will be changes to the format or whether it will remain the same, he assured that nothing is defined. “I have nothing clear, I do not want to talk to you fart. I have to get together, I just went on a trip ”. Thus, without too many certainties, Andy Kusnetzoff said goodbye to the mobile.

Who provided more information was Yanina Latorre that, from the floor of the magazine hosted by brito angelHe assured that the problem would be the demands of the journalist. “Here they tell me about the channel that he became infatuated with several requests, he stood firm on some requests, that he may want to change something so that it is not always the same. And the channel told him that he is not going to comply, that he cannot, ”revealed the little angel.

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