They accuse China Suárez of being drugged at a party: the actress’s response

They accuse China Suárez of being drugged at a party: the actress’s response

It was during the Bresh party this weekend where a video of her dancing was filled with comments.

Weekend Eugenia La China Suarez He was partying and how always there were repercussions on networks and television. It is said that in La Bresh he kissed with a certain Lauty Grama 21-year-old singer and influencer who bears a certain physical resemblance to his ex rusherking; that in the after that he organized Lizardo Ponce she was seen very close to Marcos Ginocchiothe last winner of Big Brother… And now, the actress is back in trend after countless comments about her way of dancing, moving and gesturing while having fun at the party.

The actress was in the VIP of the place having fun with friends until late at night and while she was dancing she was captured by the official glasses of the party who uploaded the video to their networks. But in her comments they attacked her for the way she danced and gesticulated with her mouth. There were those who even came to speculate that she had taken drugs.

“Che, is it me or was China jawing badly?”, “How China jaws”, “Give me the drugs, China”, “Fua, redrogada China…” and “Jaw played that night” , were just some of the messages that were posted by the party’s followers on their social networks.

The response of China Suárez

To cut with the comments, China itself decided to respond to one of the many users who criticized it with a repetitive “hey, China does not stop jawing.” “It’s just that I chew gum like that, horrible habit. I don’t take drugs ”, was the actress’s reply, to which she added an emoji with a nice face to end any type of controversy in this regard.


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