Dolph Lundgren: Action star fights cancer

Dolph Lundgren: Action star fights cancer

Swedish action star Dolph Lundgren has been diagnosed with cancer since 2015. Now he made his diagnosis public for the first time.

The Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren (65) made his serious cancer public for the first time in the interview series. In the format he announced that he had been fighting the disease for eight years. In 2015, a tumor in his kidney was diagnosed for the first time, which could be treated surgically. In the conversation, the action star of the 80s also explains that the cancer was actually considered to be conquered, but came back in 2020.

At that point he was told that his cancer was in the terminal stages and that he only had two to three years to live. His fiancée Emma Krokdal, 25, says doctors have already found metastases in the lungs, stomach, spine and kidneys and her partner has already reconciled the fact that he is likely to die soon.

Dolph Lundgren, meanwhile, has a positive prognosis

But he got a second opinion and started a treatment that shrank the tumors. His current prognosis is that soon – when the shrunken tumors are removed – there will be no more cancer activity. The medication he is currently taking would stunt growth for the moment.

In the interview, Lundgren also admits that he used to take steroids that are suspected of causing cancer. Today he asks himself whether the intake might have something to do with his fate.

Source: Stern

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