Hot Sale 2023: the best offers to travel to the most sought after destinations

Hot Sale 2023: the best offers to travel to the most sought after destinations

The current edition of Hot Sale 2023 comes to an end tonight after three days of discounts and offers. According to the latest data provided by travel agencies, the most searched destinations for vacations in Argentina were Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba and iguazu. While internationally, destinations such as Miami and Madrid returned to position themselves.

“In this latest edition of the Hot Sale we observed a growth in searches for both packages, hotels and especially flights”advancement Paula Christi, General Manager of Take off for Argentina and Uruguay, which allows them to induce that travelers “are taking advantage of the interest-free quotas and all the benefits” offered by the company.

Regarding the most sought-after destinations in these first days of the event, Cristi highlighted a “remarkable growth in domestic flights, the most prominent being Bariloche, which grew 98% compared to last week.” The analysis carried out by the platform showed that Iguazú was the second most sought after destination, followed by Mendoza, Salta and Ushuaia.

The ranking of the most searched flights in Despegar

  • Bariloche: 98% growth
  • Iguazú: 60% growth
  • Mendoza: 69% growth
  • Jump: 53% growth
  • Ushuaia: 82% growth

In the case of Bariloche, the platform offers Flybondi flights for $28,168 to travel for three days from July 2 to July 5 of this year. In case you want a longer stay, the current promotion for 10 days has a value of $31,468.

travel to bariloche.jpg

The destinations that grew the most

  • Inns: 157%
  • Saint John: 107%
  • Commodore Rivadavia: 92%
  • El Calafate: 89%
  • San Martin de los Andes: 83%

from the platform To the world reported that the top five best-selling routes were headed by Buenos Aires, followed by Miami and Madrid. “In this new edition we see that the ranking of destinations is fairly distributed between national and international destinations with Buenos Aires at the forefront. We can also observe that travelers usually wait for this type of event such as Hot Sale to make trips and from our side, we are proud to be able to offer them opportunities and discounts so that they can enjoy”, he indicated Erika SchamisProduct Director of Almundo.

Best-selling local and international destinations in Almundo

  • Buenos Aires
  • Miami
  • Madrid
  • iguazu
  • Bariloche

On the Almundo website, the offer to travel to Miami is located at $266,517, flying through Boliviana de Aviación from February 23 to March 17, 2024, with stopovers.

trip to miami in almundo.jpg

Travel agency avantrip it also placed Buenos Aires at the top of sales, followed by the US city of Miami. Brenda Gache, Product Manager of the company, commented that this year “the sales ranking was fairly distributed between national and international, with Buenos Aires taking the number one position, which gives us the pattern that our website is visited throughout the country” .

Top 5 most sold destinations in Avantrip

  • Buenos Aires
  • Miami
  • Madrid
  • Cordova
  • Mendoza

In the case of Avantrip, to travel to Madrid the cheapest price starts at $448,871. The travel date is for November of this year aboard Latam.

madrid avantrip.jpg

In the case of Travel Services, the distribution leaned in favor of tickets to international destinations with 63% of sales, while 37% were for domestic trips. The largest number of reservations was concentrated in the month of July due to the winter season and the school vacation period.

Best-selling international destinations in Travel Services

  • Miami
  • Madrid
  • cancun
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Punta Cana

national destinations

  • Tucuman
  • jump
  • Jujuy
  • Bariloche
  • Cordova

The agency offers packages to travel to jump for 4 days with air tickets, transfers, accommodation with breakfast and travel assistance for a value of $127,920 per person based on double. In case you want to visit Bariloche, a similar promotion has a value of $96,899.

Source: Ambito

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