Tori Spelling: Her family got sick from mold

Tori Spelling: Her family got sick from mold

Shock for “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Tori Spelling: Her whole family was constantly ill because the house was heavily infested with mold.

Actress Tori Spelling’s (49) house is heavily infested with mold. A corresponding investigation was carried out after the family of seven had been suffering from health problems for months. The “Beverly Hills, 90120” star announced this in a long post. The family must now find a new home immediately.

“One infection after another”

The actress reported in her post on Wednesday (May 10) from the emergency room, where she has had to go on and off “for months”. Family members suffered “one infection after another” including respiratory infections and allergy-like symptoms. “We’ve all been in this continuous spiral of illness for months. Sick. Getting well. To get sick again.”

At first she blamed it on the fact that children often brought illnesses home from school. But the children were sicker at home than at school and suffered from constant fatigue and dizziness. The family home was then examined. An “extreme mold infection” was found, which triggered the symptoms. As Spelling describes, “parts were already beginning to fall out of place.”

Holiday apartment or hotel for the transition

The house is “life-threatening” and uninhabitable. Therefore, the family must now find a new home as soon as possible. “It’s hard to just uproot a big family, especially when you’re feeling so ill. But now we’re going to vacate the house as soon as possible.” Spelling reports that a holiday apartment or hotel room is being considered as an interim solution. Luckily, the infested house was only rented, so you could move out quickly. Renters insurance is also available. “Without them we would be lost.”

Tori Spelling has five children with her husband Dean McDermott, 56: Liam, 16, Stella, 14, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6. The couple have been married since 2006, leaving the public strong take part in their private lives, such as taking part in two reality documentaries and writing a book about their experiences as a mother, Spelling.

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