Brain: Why do we make the same mistakes over and over again?

Brain: Why do we make the same mistakes over and over again?

According to scientists, the practice of making the same mistakes several times has to do with the way the brain processes information.

Although it may seem like an easy decision to act differently after making a mistake, it is not always. Many times in practice we make mistakes in the same way as if we were following a model. According to specialists, this can be explained by the way in which our brain processes information and creates patterns of behavior.

These patterns function as shortcuts that speed up the decision making but they also carry the risk of making repeat wrong actions. Even when we think slowly and carefully, the brain has the so-called familiarity biaswhich inclines us towards the information and patterns we use in the past.

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How to avoid making the same mistakes

There is a way to avoid those shortcuts, and it is with actions as simple as take a break or free ourselves from the pressure that produces the fear to make mistakes.

People learn from our mistakes. However, science shows that we often fail to learn from past mistakes. Instead, you are likely to repeat them.


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Why the brain always leads us to make the same mistakes

If we put our hand on a hot burner, for example, we get burned, so it’s unlikely we’ll make that mistake again. This is because the brain creates a response to the threat of a physically painful stimulus based on previous experiences.

But when it comes to thinking, behavior patterns, and decision-making, we often repeat mistakes, like showing up late for an appointment, leaving tasks to the last minute, or judging people based on first impressions.


These patterns are essentially shortcuts that help us make decisions in the real world. But these shortcuts, which are known as heuristicsThey also make us repeat our mistakes.

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