Netflix: 10 must-see releases in May

Netflix: 10 must-see releases in May

Netflix is one of the platforms streaming most used. For this reason, the platform must keep updated and renew the films and series constantly. we approach you 10 premieres of of of May for you to enjoy with family and friends.


Premieres of series and movies on Netflix in May

1. The mother (5/12/2023)

This film tells the story of a professional assassin who goes underground to save her daughter, whom she never knew, from the clutches of vengeful criminals.

the mother.jpg


2. Black Knight (5/12/2023)

A dystopian series in the year 2071, in a world ravaged by pollution, humanity’s survival depends on a group of elite delivery guys.

3. Queer Eye (5/12/2023)

The Fab 5 bring all their style to New Orleans for a new season of inspiring people and big transformations.

gay eye.jpg

4. Love, Kitty (5/18/2023)

A love series, where a romantic story is born when Kitty, the young matchmaker, meets her long-distance boyfriend at the Seoul school where her mother went.

5. The good bad mother (5/20/2023)

After a tragic accident, an ambitious prosecutor returns to the mind of a child, so he and his mother must work to restore their relationship.

6. Dad to the Rescue (5/19/2023)

A Chilean father and his friends go on a fast-paced, mishap-filled adventure to traverse the Andes and gain custody of a daughter he has never met.

dad to the rescue.jpg


7. Mother’s Day (5/24/2023)

A former special agent dusts off her deadly skills to save the son she never knew, no matter who crosses her path.

8. Tin & Tina (5/26/2023)

Following a traumatic abortion, a young couple adopt twins from a convent, but their obsession with religion soon unsettles the family.

tin and tina.jpg


9. Blood and Gold (5/26/2023)

At the end of World War II, a German deserter finds himself involved in a bloody battle against a group of Nazis in search of hidden gold.

10. Mixed by Erry (5/31/2023)

When an aspiring DJ and his brothers create bootleg tapes in the 1980s, they soon become major music producers wanted by the law.

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