Shoe trends 2023: What do men wear on their feet in summer?

Shoe trends 2023: What do men wear on their feet in summer?

Which shoes you wear in summer is not only determined by temperature and comfort, but also by taste. Here the preferences seem to differ greatly for men in summery models. For some, sandals are a fashion sin, for others an airy must-have. Here’s some inspiration for downstairs.

Socks in sandals — for some a German cliché, for others the symbol of the bourgeoisie of an older generation. The outdated image of a man in sandals and white socks is long gone by 2023. If you ask around among friends and acquaintances, however, the choice of shoes for the male gender in spring seems to be anything but simple. While women hardly know which shoe should be in trend this year, the choice for men actually seems more limited.

The classic image for the hot season is therefore as follows: closed sneakers with shorts and a T-shirt. The reasons for choosing the look are “sandals don’t look good” or “there isn’t enough choice for men”. In sneakers, however, it can quickly get too hot at over 30 degrees. Open-toed shoes, on the other hand, help you cool down and can also be quickly put on and taken off before you spontaneously jump into the cool water. From “Adilette” to sandals — you can find inspiration here.


offer without a doubt the advantage of letting your feet breathe fresh air in summer. In addition, the feet have support in them (unlike in flip-flops or “adilettes”). If you are looking for a shoe that should be suitable for longer trips, the sandal is the right choice for you. They are available in numerous shapes, colors and materials. For everyday wear, sandals made of leather or artificial materials are suitable. Sports activities, on the other hand, require a stable sole and an additional strap on the heel for sufficient support.


terrific. The flip-flops continue to increase in popularity as summer shoes in 2023. The “Adilette” was born in 1963 from “Adidas” because athletes wanted a shoe that could be worn in the changing rooms and in the shower. The shoe is versatile and convinces in summer with a large selection of colors. Everyone can wear the trend shoe and choose according to personal taste. However, it is important to know that the shoe offers less support than sandals with several straps. However, the casual shoes are always suitable for a trip to the park or to the sea.


Of course, the comfortable shoes are not taboo in summer. Sneakers are a good choice, especially on mild summer evenings. It is important that the shoe should be breathable. The choice of color can also be more colourful. Classic are never wrong and fit as a basic in every shoe cabinet.

toe separators

In addition to the “Adilette”, so-called toe separators such as as a popular shoe in summer. This is not only due to the comfort, but also to the mostly easy-to-care-for material. Sand, water or dirt can rarely harm toe separators. The robust shoes are good companions for the sea and bathing lakes. The shoes are also optically suitable for everyday use, but support and wearing comfort are made for shorter wearing times.

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