Musicians: Grönemeyer: Cooking is like making music

Musicians: Grönemeyer: Cooking is like making music

The currywurst is actually not his thing: Herbert Grönemeyer also likes it a bit more sophisticated in culinary terms.

For the musician and amateur chef Herbert Grönemeyer, creative moments in the kitchen and in the studio are comparable. “Cooking as a process is something like making music,” the 67-year-old, who lives in Berlin, told the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. “You put things together and hope they make a flavor.”

The meal that made him famous in the early 1980s with his song “Currywurst” is not his taste. “I don’t like currywurst that much,” said Grönemeyer, who has expressed this dislike several times. In the song released in 1982 on his third studio album “Total egal” it says: “You go into town / Wat makes you full? / ‘Ne Currywurst.”

“I prefer a coarse bratwurst,” said Grönemeyer. The singer’s father brought it with him from the Münsterland. Grönemeyer was particularly influenced by his Estonian mother’s cuisine: “She liked to cook Moroccan dishes and also pasta, al dente.” His mother has already made Bolognese with carrots and celery. “She was a hunter herself and also cooked a lot of game. And there was borscht and pierogi.”

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