Singer: Country life makes Nino De Angelo happy

Singer: Country life makes Nino De Angelo happy

In his own words, the 59-year-old feels right at home in the country, away from the big city. How he lives there.

Nino de Angelo (59) loves the simple life in the country. “It’s very good for me that I live in such a small village because I have my peace there,” he told the German Press Agency in Berlin. The singer (“Jenseits von Eden”) has been living with his girlfriend Simone Lux (48) on a horse farm in the Allgäu for several years. “What makes me happy is the simple life, my dogs, the animals we have,” he said. There are many horses and cats on the farm. It also makes him happy to cook, go shopping and work on his vintage cars.

His dream is to expand the country life a bit, with a country house in Italy, “back to my roots”. De Angelo, whose real name is Domenico Gerhard Gorgoglione, comes from an Italian immigrant family. He was born in Karlsruhe. In Italy, he said, he would like to get deeply involved in agriculture, with olives, grapes and figs. “And just eat and drink and live, that’s what I wish for.”

De Angelo’s new album “From Eternity to Eternity” was released on Friday. In autumn he goes on a tour of Germany.

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