They seek to strengthen meeting tourism in Neuquén

They seek to strengthen meeting tourism in Neuquén


Representatives of the Municipality of Neuquén met with representatives of the Mixed Entity for Tourism Promotion of that city with the aim of strengthening, promoting and promoting meeting tourism in the provincial capital.

The secretary of Tourism and Social Development of the municipality, Diego Cayol, announced last night that “different congresses and activities will be carried out until the end of the year.”

“We must organize who can carry out the activities of the Convention Center and a series of meetings that will be held this year, so that in this way all providers can participate in the process,” explained the official.

He also indicated that “meeting tourism comes to cover a space that has practically no movement, which is the low season in the city of Neuquén, the months of May, June and August.”

For his part, the president of the Neuquén Hotel and Gastronomy Business Association, Joaquín García González, said that “the need for promotion is always taken into account.”

“We have in our favor our statistics that show the number of people who are visiting the city, which year after year is more interesting and that allows us to get them to come visit us from the rest of the country and from abroad,” explained the hotelier.

In addition, he explained that “in April – May the corporate office begins to work, and there are always high expectations placed on Vaca Muerta and everything it generates.”

“Our intention is to take advantage of the tailwind that tourism and the province of Neuquén have, which is so well positioned,” concluded García González.

Source: Ambito

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