“Fear the Walking Dead” begins to say goodbye but the zombie universe does not end

“Fear the Walking Dead” begins to say goodbye but the zombie universe does not end

“Fear the Walking Dead”, the first and longest-lasting spin-off of the post-apocalyptic series “The Waking Dead”, premieres its last season this Monday at 11:00 p.m. on AMC, although it will not mark the end of the popular zombie television franchise , which has several more titles on the way.

The narrative universe derived from Robert Kirkman’s comics then begins to close one of its longest subplots: it is the eighth season of “Fear…”, which will have 12 episodes divided into two installments throughout the year.

Starring Lennie James as Morgan and Kim Dickens as Madison, the series jumps seven years into the future (which will align the series’ timeline with the events of the main series finale, which ended last year with its 11th season). ).

In the first chapter -the remaining five of the first part will be seen weekly- after working undercover in the settlement known as FATHER, Morgan and Madison find themselves at odds again trying to do what is best for Mo, the former’s daughter.

As usual in this and the rest of the proposals in this saga, the survivors discover that the world after the end of the world very often leads to leaders becoming dictators, and the communities they govern becoming environments totalitarian.

So the protagonists, demoralized and appeased, must believe more than ever in the possibility of building a better world for Mo and the rest of his group, and resolve their situation.

The cast of the latest installment of “Fear…” also includes Zoey Merchant (Mo), Colman Domingo (Victor), Danay García (Luciana), Austin Amelio (Dwight), Karen David (Grace), Christine Evangelista (Sherry), Jenna Elfman (June) and Rubén Blades (Daniel).

The fact that this fiction is about to end does not mean that there are plans to close the franchise, which also had the youth derivative series “World Beyond” (2020-2021) and the anthology “Tales of the Walking Dead” (2022), since the North American cable channel AMC has several other ideas in development.

Next month will arrive “Dead City”, which will be set in New York and in which the characters of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will reappear.

Also coming this year is “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,” which brings back the fan favorite played by Norman Reedus; and for 2024 the premiere of “The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne” is scheduled, with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira again in this universe.

Finally, it has already been confirmed that the series format with self-concluding chapters will be repeated in “More Tales from the Waking Dead Universe”.

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