Opened the fifth call for “Argentine Festivals” for the organization of cultural events

Opened the fifth call for “Argentine Festivals” for the organization of cultural events


The Ministry of Culture of the Nation opened the fifth call for “Argentine Festivals”, which will run until May 31 inclusive, aimed at public or non-profit entities that have on their agenda the organization of cultural events for the second semester of 2023.

Civil associations, clubs and cooperatives are also invited to the call for the program supported by the Secretariat of Cultural Management and the Federal Action Directorate of the aforementioned portfolio, in order to provide financial support to strengthen and promote spaces for popular expression.

“Our festivals are fundamental expressions for the effective exercise of cultural rights, since they facilitate the access and enjoyment of symbolic goods to the public and promote the creation, circulation and distribution of productions of the various disciplines, genres and artistic styles that exist. throughout the country”, they pointed out from the ministry about the spirit of the call.

The applicant celebrations must be scheduled between July 1 and December 31 of this year -regardless of the date stipulated for its completion-, and those interested may register in different funding categories according to the number of attendees registered in editions past your events.

Each proposal will be evaluated by a jury, focusing on those productions that promote emerging cultural manifestations, that contribute to the federal circulation of audiences and content, that transcend the stage, and that guarantee access for people with disabilities and compliance with the Law. of Feminine Quota.

In addition, those who want to apply must be part of the Federal Registry of Culture, either as a natural person or from the Registry of Cultural Spaces or the Registry of Cultural Organizations and Companies.

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