Sweden won the 67th Eurovision Song Contest with Loreen’s “Tattoo”

Sweden won the 67th Eurovision Song Contest with Loreen’s “Tattoo”

Swedenwith her representative the singer Loreen, won the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contestheld on Saturday in the English city of Liverpoolwith his love song tattooand became the second artist in the history of the contest which expires twice. In an edition marked by the war in Ukraine and considered the favorite from the beginning, Loreen, who was already the winner in the edition of 2012, thus adds to the Irish Johnny Logan which he also won twice in the 1980s.

The Swedish woman swept “Tattoo” both among the national juries as with those of the public in countries around the world. Finland came second position e Israel in third.

Loreen had explained that I had not thought of participating again at the Eurovision Song Contest until he heard what would be his song. “When I heard ‘Tattoo’even before they told me about the Melodifestivalen (the Swedish selection that designates the representative in Eurovision), I felt a mixture of pleasure and terror. I knew something was up”he told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

This 39-year-old artist, whose real name is Lorine Talhaoui, was born in Sweden to parents of Moroccan Berber origin and is the eldest of six children. She grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm, where she currently lives.. One of her sisters, Markiz Tainton, is a cook and television presenter.

With “Tattoo”, a pop anthem about unconditional love, Loreen was looking to represent the Sweden of today. “QI want to reflect who we are, no matter how we look, no matter how bad our days are,” a woman told the newspaper repeatedly reviled by the extreme right due to its origins.

With the set design for “Tattoo”, which saw her sing trapped between two large blocks, she wanted “create a space where you feel safe”he explained. This space is “made up of everything I think we stand for in Sweden. And above all, inclusion. I have nomadic origins, I am a Berber, but I am also Swedish”defended.

Ukraine denounced being attacked by Russia during its Eurovision presentation


The 67th edition of the music festival was held in the “City of Pop” instead of last year’s winner Ukraine, who was unable to host this year due to the Russian invasion. The organizers had the difficult task of putting Ukraine in the spotlight and avoid any overt political messagessomething that is not allowed in the contest.

The Kalush orchestra, winner in 2022, mixed videos shot in Ukraine with live performances in Liverpool in an opening sequence that included a cameo appearance by Princess Catherine of Wales playing the piano.

While the contest was running, Russian missiles hit the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil, where the electro-pop duo Tvorchi, this year’s Ukrainian contestants, reside. Local authorities, through Telegram, reported that the attack had left two people injured.

The organizer of the contest, the European Broadcasting Union, banned Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky from addressing viewers from all over the world, which last year were 160 million. The European Union stated that acceding to their request, made with “laudable intentions”, would goagainst the apolitical nature of the contest and its rules, which prohibit making political statements.

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