Presenter: Judith Rakers paints fingernails because of gardening

Presenter: Judith Rakers paints fingernails because of gardening

The 47-year-old lives in the countryside near Hamburg and relaxes in her garden. Gardening gets their hands dirty, including their nails. What she then does to cover it up.

News anchor Judith Rakers has revealed why she does a manicure: “If my fingernails are painted dark red in the “Tagesschau”, that’s always a sign for me that I’ve been digging in the garden a short time before – and my fingers aren’t right or fast cleaned enough,” said the 47-year-old from “Bild am Sonntag”.

Her garden relaxes her. “I just like working with my hands, digging in the ground.” Five years ago, after a long search, Rakers bought a small house with a large garden near Hamburg.

Meanwhile, her chickens could live without worries. “The barn is now as well secured as an art exhibition,” Rakers told the newspaper, referring to fatal attacks by a hawk on her chickens – and her rooster Giovanni. And they don’t have to be afraid of the butcher either. At first she thought she would now be able to eat honest organic meat. “But when the first chicken jumped onto my lap and wanted to eat out of my hand, it was clear: I will never be able to eat my chickens, because for me they immediately became pets from farm animals. My chickens are part of the family.”

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