Prince Andrew does not want to vacate Royal Lodge in Windsor

Prince Andrew does not want to vacate Royal Lodge in Windsor

If according to the plans of King Charles III. his younger brother Prince Andrew is said to be vacating his villa in Windsor – but he doesn’t seem to agree.

King Charles III’s plan seems clear: His younger brother Prince Andrew is said to be vacating the so-called Royal Lodge in Windsor so that Charles’ son and heir to the throne Prince William and his family can move in there in the foreseeable future. At least that’s what British nobility experts say, and with this argument they also put the minimized payments to Prince Andrew in a different light. From now on, he will no longer receive an annual subsidy of around 285,000 euros for the property and can therefore no longer afford the Royal Lodge.

Prince Andrew has lived in the 30-room villa for 30 years, where his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson also lives. However, Charles wanted his brother to retire to Prince Harry’s former home, the newly renovated Frogmore Cottage. Andrew is currently “in a bad mood”, “fragile” and is therefore seeking crisis talks with his brother, Charles III. This direct discussion should change the king’s mind or move him to a compromise solution.

According to the will of King Charles III, Prince Andrew should vacate the Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew fears that now – after the coronation – King Charles III. “Will pull out the knives,” according to an insider and friend of Andrew, who was discredited for his relationships with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). Originally it was reported that Andrew must have left Royal Lodge by September 2023. The latest reports speak of a schedule that is too tight. Andrew will probably live in it longer.

Discussions about the property began during Queen Elizabeth II’s lifetime (1926-2022). After the Megxit, i.e. the move of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry to the USA, the talks picked up speed, as suddenly a previously occupied property of the British royal family spontaneously became vacant. Whether and when the alleged differences of opinion can be resolved is so far completely unclear. However, Andrew insists on direct contact with King Charles III. and does not want to leave this matter in the hands of any officials, the report goes on to say. A compromise still seems a long way off.

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