Andreas Kieling on bear attack: He was scalped by the animal

Andreas Kieling on bear attack: He was scalped by the animal

Animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling was the victim of a devastating bear attack while filming last week. Now he declared the attack.

The famous animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling (63) after the terrible bear attack. With his arm heavily bandaged and visible injuries to his head and face, he describes the events of the past week that could have cost him his life. “It was extremely painful, he scalped me. Look at that,” says Kieling, lifting his hat to reveal his head injuries.

“I’ll spare you the rest,” explains the wildlife filmmaker while putting his cap back on correctly. “He pulled down the whole scalp. The surgeon sewed it up again perfectly,” says Kieling, surprisingly sober. However, he is fine again.

Andreas Kieling: “My arm is pretty bad”

The animal filmmaker also says it is difficult to say why the accident happened. In any case, the bears are not to blame. He may have wanted to defend his offspring or his prey. The animal attacked him from the bushes without warning. With the presence of mind he rammed the tripod of his camera in the bear’s mouth, but the bear was already over him. Several punches and bites hit his arms, which he instinctively threw up to protect his head and neck.

His left hand was injured more severely: “You can see it: It’s pretty much in the bucket. But the surgeon did it well, he had to remove a few bones. Everything will be fine again.” Kieling claims that his job is no more dangerous than that of other people, for example when he thinks of firefighters or police officers. It is only his fifth serious accident in 32 years of work as an animal filmmaker. He had invaded the bear’s territory and it was his own fault.

Great pictures of the bear attack via Facebook

On Sunday morning, he posted two photos on his official account that were taken immediately after the bear attack. On the first one (caution: trigger warning!), Kieling is sitting on the ground covered in blood, a head and hand injury can clearly be seen. In the second picture you can see his destroyed jacket. Kieling wrote: “Bear attack a week ago while filming about rare waterfowl in the High Carpathians!”

The Carpathians are around 1,300 kilometers long mountain range in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and stretch across the countries of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. Smaller parts also protrude to Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia. In his post, Kieling emphasized that the bear was doing well: “He just followed his instincts! I’m fine again!”

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