Guildo Horn: Germany should “take a break” at the ESC

Guildo Horn: Germany should “take a break” at the ESC

The musician commented after the bankruptcy for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest – and has a tip for the next show.

The singer and former Grand Prix participant Guildo Horn pleads for a German break at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in view of the series of bankruptcies. “Unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be out,” wrote the 60-year-old in a Facebook post.

“My tip: Just take a break and invest the money you save (Germany is one of the major sponsors of the ESC) sensibly.” He could think of a lot of useful things, such as building day-care centers or supporting the food bank. “Perhaps in a few years we can start again with a new responsible creative team with a certain lightness of being. That helps immensely when making music!”

Horn competed at ESC 1998 in Birmingham 25 years ago. At that time, the Trier native came up with the song “Guildo hat dich lieb!” in seventh place.

Guildo Horn: Germany is not a favorite in Europe right now

Horn also wrote that he felt “reminded of our current national football team” at the ESC in Germany. “There hasn’t been any success for years, but at the official level you don’t dare to start over and keep stirring the same sticky bowl.” But that’s not going to happen.

The fact that Germany’s rock band Lord Of The Lost ended up at the bottom “in such a mediocre starting field” is a sign that Germany doesn’t seem to be a favorite in Europe, said Horn. “There’s a lot to speculate about ‘why’. I might do that when I’m older.”

In any case, he couldn’t remember any song from the song contest finale, the singer wrote. “I was never really taken with me.” In his opinion, the winning title of the Swedish repeat winner Loreen was only the second infusion of something that had been experienced for a long time.

Source: Stern

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