“You have superpowers!”: Sarah Kuttner talks about her life with ADHD

“You have superpowers!”: Sarah Kuttner talks about her life with ADHD

Watch the video: “Dude, you have superpowers!” – Sarah Kuttner talks about her life with ADHD.

There’s a little monkey living in my head now…
Hi, I’m Sarah Kuttner and I have ADHD.
And now you’re thinking: yes, of course: ADHDers are always so fidgety, always babble so much, always so hungry for attention. No, while ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, attention in ADHD doesn’t even refer to the attention that we supposedly always need, but rather the attention that we can’t muster on our own to do normal things, such as showers. In concrete terms, this means that it is almost impossible for us to focus on things that do not interest us. I know it sounds insanely childish, but it’s not our choice. It is a presumably congenital deficiency of certain neurotransmitters. My pear then simply says: nope, I can’t work with you. And then it doesn’t work. It really doesn’t work! In my head it always looks like this:
But this permanent chaos in the head, that also makes ADHDers blatantly cool. For example, I can sew and knit and embroider and macrame. I taught myself to play the ukulele. Simply because I was interested. So maybe you could just take it a bit more seriously and above all celebrate it. I mean, where do you think all the awesome creative people in your company get all the crazy ideas? And who do you think these nerds are, who really enjoy programming your websites all night long with total hyper focus? I’m pretty sure every successful company has at least one Tesla founding member. Just for the cool idea.
So maybe the conclusion here could just be that it exists, that it should be taken seriously, but that it could also mean: Dude, you have super powers! phew

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